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In their own right
Women and Higher Education in New Zealand before 1945


This data comprises the educational profiles of the women graduates of the University of New Zealand 1877-1920 and the career profiles of those women graduates who took up teaching in the period 1878-1950 (click on ‘Graduates’).
In addition, there is a listing of all New Zealand Girls’ Schools (1855-2008) with the names of the foundation principals.
Only those schools that are known to have operated for ten years or more are included.
The primary and secondary sources used to gather the data are indicated with each profile.
Reference details can be found in the Bibliography of Morris Matthews, Kay (2008) see below.
Most published sources indicated can be located on The National Library of New Zealand Catalogue.

About the book

The data was collected for the book In Their Own Right: Women and Higher Education in New Zealand before 1945
(2008) researched and written by Kay Morris Matthews and published by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, Wellington.
The book is available for purchase: www.nzcer.org.nz

About the author

Professor Kay Morris Matthews is a well known educationalist and a leading education historian.
Her work has been recognised both nationally and internationally.
Her publications have focused on New Zealand education policy, administration, Maori education, gender and higher education.
Until recently she was Professor of Education at Victoria University of Wellington.
In 2007 she returned to her home region to be Research Professor at EIT-Hawke’s Bay.


This database is not complete and should be regarded as `work in progress’, even after the 13 years it has taken to collect the data to this point
It is possible that some names are not spelt correctly or that there are gaps in the entrry.
In the interests of accuracy, feedback is welcomed.
Updates to the database will occur at least once each year.

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