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Women and Higher Education in New Zealand before 1945

Graduate Detail

Married Name:
Maiden Name:Allan
First Names:Flora McLean
Date of Birth:1865
Date of death:1951
Secondary School Note:Otago Girls'
Dux of School:Yes
Scholarship Awarded:Yes
Scholarship Date:1884
Scholarship Place:6
Years at University:9
Age at Marriage:
Number of Children:
Notes: Father's occupation:Immigration Officer; In 1912 Flora Allan & Helen Alexander applied to share Principalship of Otago Girls'. Photo- Wallis (1972):175; Morris Matthews (2008):217


Initial Name School Type Principals Secondary Name Merged With Address Established Website Notes Unconfirmed
Otago Girls' High School state (Mrs) Margaret Burn 1871-1884
Mr Alexander Wilson M.A. (Aberdeen) 1884-1895
Maria Marchant M.A. (Otago) 1895- 1911
Flora Allan MA (Otago) 1912-1921
Dunedin 1871 Yes


Enrolment Date Degree University Part Time Student Graduation Year Graduation Age Destination Notes
MA Otago 1889 teaching
BA Otago 1888 post-grad study


Teachers College Primary School District High Secondary School Deputy Principal Principal Community/Interests/Other Teaching After Children Total Years Teaching
Dunedin Yes Yes Yes 33


Start Date Finish Date School School Notes Position Grading Salary Career Profile Destination
1889 1890 Braemar House Braemar House,Dunedin asst 1
1890 1922 Otago Girls' High School Otago Girls' asst / 1912 Principal 32


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