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Women and Higher Education in New Zealand before 1945

Graduate Detail

Married Name:
Maiden Name:Alexander
First Names:Helen
Date of Birth:1860
Date of death:1952
Secondary School Note:
Dux of School:
Scholarship Awarded:
Scholarship Date:
Scholarship Place:
Years at University:
Age at Marriage:
Number of Children:
Notes:Died in Auckland. Member of the Dunedin Shakespeare Club, University of Otago Dramatic Society. Producer of drama.President of the Kindergarten Assn. Member of the YWCA. Member of the federation of graduate Women- Otago. Morris Matthews, 2008: 81


Initial Name School Type Principals Secondary Name Merged With Address Established Website Notes Unconfirmed


Enrolment Date Degree University Part Time Student Graduation Year Graduation Age Destination Notes
BA Otago 1891 teaching


Teachers College Primary School District High Secondary School Deputy Principal Principal Community/Interests/Other Teaching After Children Total Years Teaching
Yes Yes Yes 33


Start Date Finish Date School School Notes Position Grading Salary Career Profile Destination
1881 1881 Tokomairiro DHS Tokomariro DHS asst B2 (1891) Otago EB 1
1894 1913 Otago Girls' High School Otago Girls' 1902, Senior Mathematics mistress, Asst DP 1912 B2 (1900);DP 1912 29
1915 1917 Iona College Iona College HOD mathematics (relieving during WW!) 3


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