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In their own right
Women and Higher Education in New Zealand before 1945

Graduate Detail

Married Name:
Maiden Name:Ainsworth
First Names:Emma Florence
Date of Birth:1867
Date of death:1941
Secondary School Note:Nelson Girls'
Dux of School:
Scholarship Awarded:Yes
Scholarship Date:1887
Scholarship Place:6
Years at University:
Age at Marriage:
Number of Children:
Notes:Teaching for the Nelson Education Board whilst studying at Canterbury College as an extra mural student;primary tchg- Takaka 1901; Reefton HS 1904-11; 1918 Takaka HS (ER-Cant.College)


Initial Name School Type Principals Secondary Name Merged With Address Established Website Notes Unconfirmed
Nelson College for Girls state Kate Edger M.A. (Canterbury) 1883-1890
Beatrice Gibson M.A.(Canterbury)  1890-1900
Alethea Tendall M.A. (Canterbury) 1900-1905
Margaret Lorimer MA. (Canterbury)  1906-1926
Nelson 1883 Boarding facilities Yes


Enrolment Date Degree University Part Time Student Graduation Year Graduation Age Destination Notes
BA Canterbury Yes 1891 teaching -primary


Teachers College Primary School District High Secondary School Deputy Principal Principal Community/Interests/Other Teaching After Children Total Years Teaching
Yes Yes Yes 21


Start Date Finish Date School School Notes Position Grading Salary Career Profile Destination
1890 1892 Upper Motupiko (Korere) solecharge 2
1892 1892 Christchurch Girls' High School Christchurch Girls asst 1
1901 1901 Anatoki Primary solecharge B3 49.00 1
1902 1903 Sherry Primary sole charge B2 80.30 1903
1904 1906 Reefton DHS Reefton DHS asst B2 175.00 3
1907 Takaka DHS B2 (1918-220.00) 11


University of New Zealand, 1905/6:188
New Zealand Schoolmaster:1902:119
Canterbury Calendar, Electoral Roll 1892-1918
AJHR 1902 e-1:40; AJHR 1903 e-1; AJHR 1906 e-12:35; 1908, e-12:11; 1919e-6:33;
New Zealand Gazette 1900:1263;
Tapawera Schools Cenetennial,1981,p.23